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Locks and keys have been ensuring peace of mind for centuries. People across the globe have been using them to safely lock their valuable possessions. As everything has evolved, locks and keys have also evolved and numerous contemporary and digital locks are available these days. However, the key functionality has remained the same: Providing protection and safeguarding our belongings. Their crucial function makes it imperative to keep them in good shape, up and running all the time. In case you are facing issues with your locks and you are looking for a locksmith in Reston, VA, you can get immediate help from expert locksmiths at Reston Locksmith Service. We are an established name in Virginia, and for a good reason. Our expert locksmiths have been providing premium services in the area for decades. There is no lock that our team of best locksmiths in Virginia cannot tackle. The services we provide as a locksmith in Reston are not just competitive in terms of quality and timelines, but in terms of prices as well.

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About us

We noticed that people in Virginia lacked professional help with their locks. Identifying the need of professional locksmith for home and business owners in the state, we set up our operations in Reston. Since we began, not only the theft incidents in the area have reduced, but people stuck in emergencies have also benefitted from our quick response time.

Our team comprises of experienced locksmiths that have hands on experience on all types of locks. Since our inception, we have only hired the best locksmiths capable of handling all locks and keys. We have also been providing security solutions of top-notch features and quality to businesses and individuals across Virginia. Comprehensive services by our locksmiths in Reston are offered in many areas including commercial, residential and automotive.

We have a training program in which we train all our locksmiths periodically. The locksmiths are trained on latest advancements in the field and latest laws on security system installation and maintenance. This makes them equipped with both skill and knowledge on security system. Consequently, making our services unmatched.

Why Us?

There are many locksmith services in Virginia, yet there are many home and business owners in the area that trust us with their locks. The reason for their trust is not just because Reston Locksmith Service is in the industry for decades. Our locksmiths, being trained and experienced in the field, tackle all types of locks and keys with ease, leaving our customers satisfied with the services. Additionally, we offer an exhaustive range of locksmith services to our customers in all areas: commercial, residential and automotive, thus, suiting all needs of our customers. We offer all services right from installation of new locks in new establishments to repair or replacement of old locks. Anything your can think of with locks and keys, we can do it.

Forgot the passcode to your lock? Locked outside your car or home? Broke your key inside ignition? Need duplicate key making services? Reston Locksmith Service is here to help! Day or night, you can reach out to us any time, any day of the year. Our executives are always available to answer calls from distressed customers. The best locksmiths in Reston, VA will reach you within minutes of receiving your first call.

Our customers rely on us for top quality and timely services, all that at affordable prices.

Standard Pricing

We at Reston Locksmith Service do not believe in taking undue advantage of our customer’s situations and charging exorbitant prices from them. Since the time we began operations in Virginia, we have kept prices standard across all our services. No additional fee is charged from any customer for providing services at odd hours of the day or night. We believe in being fair for those trusting our services. Thus, our team also provides impartial quotes in advance, whenever asked by our customers allowing them to choose as per their budget. This makes us an entrusted service provider in Virginia.

24/7 Service

Locks offer the first step of security against any attempt of theft and must be kept in pristine condition. Unfortunately, any lock can refuse to function at any time! Also, there might be incidents like a key breaking inside the lock or forgetting the passcode to your lock which would require urgent help. We understand that locks might require assistance at any time of the day. This is the reason why our executives are always reachable on 703-445-3539 for our customers. We are entrusted to answer calls within seconds. Our team of locksmiths reaches your location completely equipped within minutes.

Our Services

Reston Locksmith Service has been operational as a trusted locksmith in Reston for decades. Our services include:

  • Automotive locksmith services: Out of the calls we receive for emergency services, majority calls are from owners of automobiles who have either dropped their keys somewhere, or the key has broken inside ignition. While it is almost impossible to extract the key on your own, or breaking inside your own car, you can damage the lock completely in process. Rather, give us a call and have your key extracted by a professional locksmith. We use best in class equipment that allows us to perform such tasks without leaving a mark on the lock or ignition. Our locksmiths also provide duplicate key creation facilities for automobiles.
  • Residential locksmith services: A lock looking new at the outside can be completely jammed or dysfunctional from the inside. It can be difficult to know when a lock might break or refuse to unlock. Our team can inspect all your installed locks and provide you with an assessment of their condition. We also offer an overall security analysis of your security systems so that you can decide in case you wish to upgrade. We also provide emergency locksmith services for residences across Reston. Our quality services have made us a reliable name among homeowners in the area.
  • Commercial locksmith services: Even the modern technological security systems installed in offices get jammed and people do get locked outside offices. We have witnessed many such lockouts in the past decade. Our locksmiths have assisted business owners in Virginia in such situations. The laws vary for commercial services, and our locksmiths are well versed these laws, making our services reliable for businesses. We provide installation as well as maintenance services for all commercial locking mechanisms and security systems.
  • Emergency locksmith services: well-versed with all range of locks, from the oldest lock and key pairs to the latest digital locks, our locksmiths can tackle emergency situations proficiently. Time is key in emergency situations and our team is trained to perform emergency fixes in no time. Our mobile vans, which are stationed across Reston assist our locksmiths in reaching the location within minutes of receiving the first distressed call from our customers. These vans are equipped with the latest gadgets and tools that help our locksmiths in performing the task at hand with ease and cause minimal damage to your installed locks.

If you also need emergency locksmith services, or just want to get your security systems assessed, give us a call on 703-445-3539 any time. Avail unmatched services from our team of skilled locksmiths in Reston, VA, which will reach your location for assistance, within minutes

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